We solve problems?

Were the world less complex, and were science and engineering common skills, there might not be a need for this firm. But our work is anything but common. The operation of a modern economy is advanced through the research, planning, documentation, and decisions of scientists and engineers. Although it is human nature to lose sight of engineering and scientific contributions once a problem has been solved, the efforts of firms such as this are integral to a sound working economy. What we do matters.


The client is king. A consulting practice is service. It is the mission of this firm to provide the best possible service to its clients, to the job well and professionally, to do it timely, and to do it cost effectively. If we do not accommodate our clients, someone else will.


This firm does not seek to be average, or better than average; it seeks to be exceptional…to be the best. It is our mission to rely upon sound science and state-of-the-art methods, to accommodate with clarity and purpose, to produce credible results that are respected by all sectors, and to generate a product for which client and staff can be proud.


The first patent application for the laser was made in 1958, yet it was not until the late 1970's and into the 1980's that practical laser applications became commonplace. The transfer time for technology, from innovation to application, is often measured in decades. Most engineering firms wait until consensus or rules compel the use of new methods. This firm seeks to innovate in accelerated time frame by taking advantage of educational opportunities, by active participation in technical societies, and by staying abreast of scientific and engineering advancements.


Corporate growth and personal growth are intrinsically linked. The company seeks to create enhanced opportunities via projects that are larger, more complex, more challenging, and more interesting. But, for the company to grow, staff members must step up to continually higher levels of experience and maturity. This can happen only if the staff is challenged intellectually, is empowered to make decisions, and well compensated for its efforts.

Keep it simple?

Those of us who by accident of birth, by well directed hard work, or perhaps by simple luck, find us in the position of understanding the intricate workings of the world, are very fortunate. Engineers and scientists are among the most respected and trusted members of society. Surveys show that practicing scientists and engineers are among the most satisfied members of the workforce. This firm stands for the proposition that such good fortune carries a responsibility to the society that made this good fortune possible. This firm is not about the hoarding of information or intellectual snobbery, or the elevation of individual egos above the common good. Most of us have observed it is the special province of the bureaucrat to complicate the simplest of matters. In contrast, it is the mission of this firm to draw upon its expertise in order to simplify complicated matters.




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